Don't break the bank because of high veterinary fees

Protect your pet and finances with Petcare health insurance today!

Pet health insurance helps you pay your veterinary bills. We're here to make sure you never have to make the choice between the health of your pet and your personal finances.

  1. Pawpaw is a stand alone product
  2. Pawpaw is a cost effective, easily understood pet health care product
  3. The policy is an easy to read one page document, no technical jargon, hidden clauses or small print
  4. Pawpaw takes care of the essential acute and trauma events - the events that really matter

What does pet insurance cover?

  • Illness and Accidents
  • All cats and dogs from 8 weeks and under 8 years
  • Senior pets over 8 years can get accident cover
  • Medical conditions arising from accidents
  • Lifelong coverage
  • 90% of Veterinary bills for all injuries and illnesses
  • YES Acute illness
  • YES Chronic cover (with pre-authorisationand case management)
  • YES Hereditary conditions cover
  • Claims are processed within 72 hours and payment are paid directly to the vet or the policy holder
  • No annual limits
  • NO Sub limits
  • No breed exclusions
  • NOT REQUIRED - Microchip, Permanent identification or tattoo
  • A cremation and return of ashes benefit of up to R1 000
  • A choice of either puppy training / socialization classes OR an annual check up to a max of R600 per year.