If you’ve been to the vet lately, you already know that the cost of important veterinary care continues to rise.

Premium R284.00 per dog per month

Here are some cost examples of the most common illnesses and accidents that our customers experience

  • Poisoning from R2 500 up to R4 500
  • Hip replacement up to R30 000
  • Broken Leg up to R20 000
  • Gastro up to R4 000
  • Traffic accident up to R30 000
  • Dislocated knee up to R13 000
  • Eye injuries up to R8 000
  • Dog fights wounds up to R10 000

Our competitive cover at a glance:

Common Procedures

Average cost of treatement

Other Pet Insurance products


Entropian (Rolling in of eyelids)

R4 800

Not Covered

R4 320

Corneal Perforation (Tearing of eye)

R5 000

Up to R2 500

R4 500

Diaphragmatic Hernia

R15 000

Up to R2 500

R13 000

Cryptorchidism (retained testicle)

R3 500

Not Covered

R3 150


R15 000

Up to R2 500

R13 500

Cruciate Ligament rupture (knee-cap)

R13 000-
R15 000

R6 000 (per year)

Up to R15 000*

Elbow Dysplasia

R9 000

Not Covered

R8 100

Spinal disc prolapse

R11 000–
R19 000

Not Covered

Up to R19 000*

Dog bites

R2 000 – R15 000

Up to R2 500

Up to R15 000*