The pet dog or cat named in the policy schedule for the cost of fees incurred as the result of veterinary treatments for injuries resulting from an accident up to a limit of R20 000 per event per annum.

Who can join?

Any cat or dog older than 8 years that is kept as a household pet in the RSA. All vaccinations must be up to date at the time of joining.

What is covered?

For the purposes of this policy, an accident must be a direct consequence of at least one of the following:

  1. A motor vehicle accident
  2. A burn or electrocution
  3. A fall from an elevated position
  4. A near drowning
  5. The actions of another animal
  6. A swallowed or embedded foreign object requiring surgical or endoscopic removal
  7. A snake bite
  8. An allergic reaction to an insect bite other than tick or flea bites.  Biliary (tick bite fever / bosluiskoors) is covered as an accident
  9. Poisoning

Or an accident in any event that results in;

  • A fractured bone.
  • A puncture
  • A traumatic ligament or tendon injury
  • Lacerations, abrasions or wounds

NOT covered under this policy:

  • Any sickness, disease, infection or any change in a pets health which is not caused by an accidental injury
  • Any invoices submitted more than 60 days after the date of last treatment.
  • The costs for any treatments for injuries incurred outside of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Any treatment by person/s not registered with the South African Veterinary Council.
  • Any allergic reaction to a vaccine or medication.
  • Any surgical items that can be used more than once. These are non-chargeable items.
  • The costs of any prosthesis, implants or transplantation
  • Any injury caused by negligence. P.Uma will report all abuse to the S.P.C.A.